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Mental Hunger Scale

Sep 30, 2022

We designed the Mental Hunger Scale to help us tune in and identify our feelings (aka inner signals) whenever we turn on or shut off a device.  It was inspired by the original Hunger Scale, created by two dietitians in 1995, to help us tune in and identify our feelings when we start and stop eating. These exercises may sound incredibly easy… until you try them for yourself and realize how suppressed these feelings have likely become for you.

The idea is that healthy intake falls between a 3-7 on the scale(s). However, most of us operate at the extreme ends, setting off a cascade of negative habits to follow.

The first step in finding a healthier, happier way of life online is to turn inwards and reflect on the experience you’re having.

Learn more about intuitive intake and the the original Hunger Scale.

How to use:

  1. Download your preferred color scheme.
  2. Save it as the lock screen to your phone for one week.
  3. Whenever you pick up your phone, pause and notice where you currently place on the scale.
  4. Whenever you put your phone back down, again pause and notice where you are on the scale.
  5. At the end, reflect on your personal patterns: What brings you online and where does it leave you?


  • Helps you reconnect with your inner wisdom
  • Helps ground you in the present moment
  • Helps reduce screen time


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