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News Ritual Builder

May 16, 2024

Once upon a time we read the newspaper every Sunday morning, with a cup of coffee. Today the news bleeds into every spare moment, as we unconsciously punctuate almost every action by checking out phones.  Returning to rituals can help  create stronger boundaries and intentions around our information gathering, esp. on social media. 

News Ritual Builder


How to use:

Pick an option in each column to build your preferred ritual:

  • Time: Dedicating a specific time to check helps you stay up to date without getting overwhelmed. (Ideally not first thing in the am or last thing before bed)
  • Drink: Including another step adds to the feeling of intention. Plus who doesn’t want a drink?
  • Grounding: Tools that bring us back to our senses help us stay rooted in our bodies and the physical world.
  • Closing: End on a high note, while signaling to yourself that this moment is over and it’s time to shift attention.

Helps you:

  • Be more present
  • Manage overwhelm
  • Engage in meaningful ways
  • Stay selective + critical
  • Sustain hope


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