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Beneficial vs Depleting Time Online Chart

Nov 29, 2022

The Beneficial vs Depleting Time Online Chart is designed to visualize how time on our devices directly impacts our wellbeing- both positively and negatively.  

Beneficial intake enhances quality of life on and offline, while depleting content and habits deteriorate it. Read more on this spectrum below.

See how time online can be sorted using this framework, crossed with your level of interactivity.

***Please note*** These are general guidelines to use as a starting point. There are always exceptions and nuances. It’s also CRITICAL practice moderation, even with beneficial things. Your inner signals remain your most reliable guides, when it comes to what and how much you consume, on and offline.

How to use:

  • Isolate a typical day in your mind and reflect on what your internet intake and time online look like.
  • Examine the chart to see where most of your content and habits fall.
  • Remove or add accounts, apps, games etc. to make your intake more personally beneficial.
  • Reflect after one week on how this experiment has impacted your mood, motivation, and daily actions.

It may be helpful to:

  • review the content you’re recommended across platforms, to give you a realistic picture of the types of content you most consume.
  • make a list (e.g. cooking videos, Reddit political threads, Roblox, fitness classes, make up tutorials, national news, clothes shopping)


  • Helps categorize abundance of media
  • Helps identify and visualize unconscious tendencies
  • Helps inspire and guide towards more nourishing internet intake



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