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Virtual Aid + Action Flow

Feb 10, 2023

We all know the feeling when a disturbing event is dominating our screens and feeds. A natural disaster. An act of violence. Whether it’s close to home or far away, it’s a natural tendency to fall into a panic, overwhelmed and glued to the media coverage.  The following chart is to help move us through these paralyzing moments, by guiding us towards the best possible action to take.


  • The following tool is meant to guide us through singular crisis events. There are other dynamics + considerations at play for on-going humanitarian crises unfolding for months + years on end. We will address this topic separately. 
  • These steps were created for those with the capacity to process + act on traumatic events. That is not all of us, at all times. Sit out when you need to. Rejoin when you can.



How to use:

  • Set aside the media coverage for a moment.
  • Answer the questions and follow your way down the chart to identify the appropriate action to take.
  • As always, sometimes the best course of action is simply take care of yourself. 


  • Helps recenter in the face of overwhelm
  • Helps to reduce time spent doom-scolling or panic monitoring
  • Helps translate information into clear concrete action


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