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Weekly Care Planner

May 17, 2024

It’s easy for our life online to make us feel rushed, stressed, and disconnected from our bodies. With more and more of our days spent in sedentary positions, glued to our screens, trying to keep up- we must make a conscious effort to counteract the negative physical side effects.

Weekly Care Plan

How to use:
  • Commit to doing one thing in each bucket, every day for a week. Start simply. Be realistic. It might just be 10 minutes of stretching, one extra glass of water, or switching to warmer light bulbs.
  • Pause to take note of how you feel at the end of the week.  Positive habits are more likely to stick when we take the time to really tune into how they make us feel in the end.  
  • If possible, extend this simple commitment for the rest of the month, year, and beyond- raising your commitments along the way. 

Helps you:

  • Stay rooted in physical world
  • Offset many of the physical problems caused by sedentary life styles and heavy device usage (i.e. poor posture, poor sleep, poor circulation, stress etc.)



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